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  • J-ivar
  • Phcorrigan

    I am getting errors running the install scripts on 64-bit Centos 6. When I run “/usr/libexec/bacula/grant_mysql_privileges -u root –p ‘password’ I get “Error creating privileges.”

    I assume the issue has to do with this line:

    if $bindir/mysql $* -u root -f <<END-OF-DATA

    I'm not an expert at Linux scriptiing, but there is a file "/usr/bin/mysql"

    What am I missing?

  • Anonymous

    You need to replace ‘password’ with whatever your root password for mysql is

  • Cocolocko

    Phcorrigan & How2CentOS: I had the same error message:  Error creating privileges
    The problem is, that when you copy -> /usr/libexec/bacula/grant_mysql_privileges -u root –p ‘password’  <–  the minus befor the little "p" is wrong !!!!!
    If you compare it with the minus before the little u, you see that it is diffrent!
    How2CentOS: change it in your documentation, please.
    Thank you for your very good work!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Documentation changed

  • Anonymous

    Followed this How2 and did not have any issues. All seems to have installed ok. Now it is time to test Bacula.

  • Zanderfain

    Great Doc! Thank you!

  • Vince

    Please help I keep getting the following error:

    # service bacula-dir status
    bacula-dir dead but subsys locked

  • http://lynuxstuff.com/ lynuxstuff

    Thanks for sharing

  • ubu_fan

    Oh Wow!!!
    Great Tutorial !!!!!!!!
    I got Bacula setup and running and i dont know Jack about about configuring it and stuff :) …lol!..  i guess the hard part is done, now its time to read documentation, tweak, fine tune and get familiar with bacula…
    I’ve always heard Bacula is a great Enterprise backup solution but just never got around to testing or seting it up…

    Thanks Much

  • ubu_fan

    I Thought i had Bacula running FULLY but the Bacula Director daemon kept showing DOWN in the Webmin panel and i couldn’t connect to it at the terminal with the “bconsole” command. I didn’t know what to do because i followed every step in ur tutorial.

    After fiddling around  the “/etc/bacula/bacula-dir.conf” file i realized a line was missing the MYSQL user password for Bacula. (dbname = “bacula”; dbuser = “bacula”; dbpassword = “” )

    I then inserted my Bacula User password

    # Uncomment the following line if you want the dbi driver
    # dbdriver = “dbi:sqlite3″; dbaddress =; dbport =
      dbname = “bacula”; dbuser = “bacula”; dbpassword = “password”

    And all was well again

    I’m just posting this for reference when i do a full setup in a productive environment.

    Webmin looks like this now
    Process statuses:

    Bacula Director daemon – Up
    Storage daemon – Up
    File daemon – Up

    Thanks Again :)

  • mmz

     Me too, the same problem

    service bacula-dir status
    bacula-dir dead but subsys locked

  • Railson

    It happened to me.
    The password for user bacula was wrong at the database.
    Did you run “FLUSH PRIVILEGES;” after changing the bacula user password at mysql ?

  • Yay!

     spot on!!   I also ran into this problem, but this fixed the problem :)  thx!

  • Aaa

    This worked for me too! :) Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DroBuddy Joseph Johnson

    Thank you very much. Followed your tutorial and I now (or, at least at first glance) seem to have a working Bacula install. Thanks again!

  • Suleman_bukhari

    i am facing below error while starting bacula director.

    Config error: Could not find config Resource “storage” referenced on line 33 :   Storage = File

    Can any one help.

    vi /etc/bacula/bacula-sd.conf

    Storage {                             # definition of myself
      Name = fw-dir
      SDPort = 9103                  # Director’s port
      WorkingDirectory = “/var/spool/bacula”
      Pid Directory = “/var/run”
      Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20

    vi /etc/bacula/bacula-dir.conf

    Director {                            # define myself
      Name = fw-dir
      DIRport = 9101                # where we listen for UA connections
      QueryFile = “/etc/bacula/query.sql”
      WorkingDirectory = “/var/spool/bacula”
      PidDirectory = “/var/run”
      Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 1
      Password = “bacula1″         # Console password
      Messages = Daemon

    JobDefs {
      Name = “DefaultJob”
      Type = Backup
      Level = Incremental
      Client = fw-fd
      FileSet = “Full Set”
      Schedule = “WeeklyCycle”
      Storage = File
      Messages = Standard
      Pool = Default
      Priority = 10
     Storage {
      Name = fw-sd
    # Do not use “localhost” here
      Address = xsl-dbsvr                # N.B. Use a fully qualified name here
      SDPort = 9103
      Password = “bacula3″
      Device = FileStorage
      Media Type = File

  • Suleman_bukhari

    i have installed all daemons on same machine.  storage and client is on same machine

  • centos_fan

    Not a great thing to set Root password for MySQL (mysqladmin -u root password ‘new-password’) you will find it in history. try mysql_secure_installation instead.

  • Velan

    Can I able to get backup from the LAN computers in my network using Ubuntu 11.10 Operating system.

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