CentOS 5.7 Released

CentOS 5.7 is now available (see download link at the end of the article) for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and it is based on the upstream release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7. It contains lots of updates, bugfixes and new features.

CentOS 5.7 Downloads

You can download CentOS Linux 6 via the web/ftp server or via BitTorrent (recommended) client.

CentOS 5.7 DVD ISO downloads

CentOS 5.7 DVD ISO Torrents

Torrent files for the DVD’s are available at the following location:

  • Download 32 bit i386 torrent file
  • Download 64 bit x86_64 torrent file
  • Sohan

    This 32-bit Cent OS size is 3.9 GB….is this correct size?..will it work?

  • Anonymous

    If you’re downloading it from a mirror yes – 3.9GB is the DVD iso

  • Sohan

    Thanks for the reply…I have downloaded “32 bit i386 torrent file” from the above location given. Now I have found 8 files in a folder. How should I burn it on a DVD to make OS DVD to install in my server.

  • Sohan

    I have created two dvd for two iso file and now when installing centos-5.7, it is getting installed by first dvd only. second dvd contains rpm lists, how should I use it?

  • Anonymous

    You should only use it if it asks for it. Otherwise the installation is done and everything else can be installed via YUM