CentOS 5 Puppet Install

CentOS 6 Logo Puppet is a system for automating system administration tasks. Its automation saves you countless hours of frustration, monotony and reinventing the wheel. It lets you perform administrative task from a central systems to any number of systems running any variant of operating system.

For a more complete description visit Puppet Labs.

Installing the Puppet CentOS 5 packages

Install the Puppet Repository

# rpm -ivh http://yum.puppetlabs.com/el/6/products/i386/puppetlabs-release-6-7.noarch.rpm

Install the Puppet Master packages

Install the Puppet Client packages

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301 Redirect

Permanent 301 Redirect

Search engines may think www.example.co.za and example.co.za are two different sites.You should set up a permanent redirect (technically called a “301 redirect”) between these sites. Once you do that, you will get full search engine credit for your work on these sites.

In example.co.za html root folder create the following:

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